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An Android mobile application development competition for North Carolina high school students.

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What is Ready, Set, App!?

The North Carolina Business Committee for Education’s Ready, Set, App! competition is an Android mobile application development challenge for North Carolina public high school and public charter school students. Student teams are tasked with developing a functional and original mobile app that solves a problem in their school or community using a mobile app development platform (e.g., MIT App Inventor).

Ready, Set, App! focuses on three objectives:

Expand Student Access to Computer Science Skills

Develop Entrepreneurial and Problem Solving Skills

Strengthen Students' Interpersonal and Soft Skills


Phase 1
Student groups interested in RSA are required to submit the registration form by 11:59pm (ET) December 13, 2019. Once the registration form has been submitted, teams will be notified (on a rolling basis) and made aware of whether they meet the requirements and can continue with the competition.
Phase 3
After the Phase 2 submission deadline, judges will select one finalist group and one runner-up group from each of the eight North Carolina State Board of Education Districts, for a total of sixteen groups. These finalist and runner-up teams will be notified by March 9, 2020. Finalists have until March 13, 2020 to accept or deny the invitation to present at the Ready, Set, App! Pitch Competition in RTP. If a finalist team is unable to attend the pitch, the invitation will be given to the runner-up team in that district. Ultimately, eight teams will be provided with hotel accommodations and presentation support for the Pitch Competition. The final "pitch" teams will be invited to present their mobile app in front of a live audience and a group of judges who will select the top 3 winners, statewide. Additional details to come.

Eligibility & Phase 1 Registration

Students must be enrolled as a 9-12 grade student in public high school or public charter school in North Carolina.

Develop a mobile app that addresses a problem in your school or community.

Students are required to participate in teams no smaller than 3 and no larger than 4.

Register your team using the following link by November 1st, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Registration opens on September 1st, 2019 registering your team indicates interest in the competition please note students can only Join ONE team.

In preparation for registration, teams should be able to answer the following prompts:

✔ Indicate the names and grade levels of each team member.

✔ Indicate the roles each of your members will have for the duration of the development process.

✔ Contact information for the educator who will support the app development process.

✔ Describe your app by answering the following questions (max 600 words)

- App name and a brief description- include the type of app development platform your team will use.

- The problem the app will address.

- How will the app address the issue?

- Why is this problem significant to your team?

Phase 1

Student groups interested in RSA are required to submit the registration form by November 1, 2019, at 11:59 pm. Once the registration form has been submitted, student groups will be notified on a rolling basis, if they have met the requirements and can continue with the competition.

*Note- Student groups who do not score at least 12 points, will not advance to Phase 2 of the competition. Student groups will receive feedback from RSA judges.*

Incomplete- The component is missing.

Needs Improvement- The summary needs significant improvement.

Acceptable- The summary needs minor improvement.

Good- The summary is of good quality.

Excellent- The summary is of excellent quality and does not need improvements.

5 pts. The team includes the app name and concept in their summary.

5 pts. The team identifies its members and defined roles for the development of the app.

5 pts. The team describes a problem that is relevant in their school or community that does not have a solution.

5 pts. The summary is specific and direct.

Phase 2

*Please note only student groups who have been notified of meeting the requirements in Phase 1, should complete Phase 2. If you have not been notified of the status for your team by November 9, 2019, contact Kiya Edwards at*

Student groups are required to submit the following competitions materials by March 6, 2020, at 11:59 pm. Student groups that miss the deadline will not be entered in the final round of judging. 

There are 3 components for the Phase 2 submission:

✔ App Pitch + Demo

✔ Group Reflection

✔ Upload a zip/compressed file containing your source code

Student groups should submit one video that addresses each of the components

The video should be no longer than 7 minutes.

*Please note- The video should be uploaded to YouTube, and the link should be added to the form. 

Registration for RSA officially begins on August 1, 2019, and closes December 13, 2019. Registration indicates your
intent to compete and will allow students to gain access to additional materials that will assist in the app
development process.

The deadline to submit the final app is March 1, 2020.

Ready, Set, App is a self-select program. There is no application/selection process.

The initiative is free. However, students will need access to a laptop with internet. Teams may purchase a smartphone to test the app they create, but this can be done in a limited way through a web-based phone emulator on App Inventor.

*Please note: NCBCE will not reimburse for team costs incured before, during or after the app development process.*

Yes, teams will have to find an educator who can assist in the app development process. The educator will register and submit the final materials on behalf of the team. In addition, the educator will be the primary point of contact.

Students should connect with friends/classmate who would be interested in forming a team. If there are enough students to form a team, the students should then connect with an educator who can assist with the app development process. If there is not enough interest within one school, students can form a team from multiple schools and find one educator who can assist in the app development process.

Yes, teams can include students from different schools, but only one educator can be appointed per group.

There is no limit on the number of teams that can compete within a school. However, students cannot be registered with more than one team.

Teams should set their own times to meet and discuss app development. Teams will be provided an intern working with the North Carolina Business Committee for Education. Teams will be required to do check-ins with the intern to discuss project development.

Students will have access to resources that will assist students and educators with the app development process. These resources will include helpful strategies that will make coding fun and accessible to everyone.

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